I’m often asked what thrasher means. My grandfather was delivered in the middle of the night by a Dr. Thrasher. As a result he was named Harry Thrasher Porcher. My father is Harry Thrasher Porcher Jr, my brother is Harry Thrasher Porcher the III, and his son is the IV. When I got started in Staffords in 1997, I was single and had no children and when coming up with a name for my kennel, I thought it was a nice way to pay homage to my family and I thought it sounded both cool and tough at the same time.

    I’ve always been fascinated by the bully breeds. In sixth grade, I got my first American Pitbull terrier. In high school I saved my money from my weekend job, and bought a Bullmastiff. My third year of college, I was very upset when he died of bloat. Again, I saved and purchased another Bullmastiff, and raised him with a rescued Pitbull mix female. As they grew older, the Bullmastiff was showing signs of aging, but the Pitbull mix was still as athletic and active as ever. I had to euthanize the Bullmastiff at nine years of age due to lymphoma. I then decided that my next dog would be the closest thing to my Pitbull mix, size and agility wise.

    I initially tried to locate a female Pitbull that would end up between 25 and 35 pounds as an adult, but was unsuccessful. I had always liked the Staffordshire Bull Terriers that I had seen in pictures, but had never seen one in the flesh. I started my search and soon found a breeder who had a male that had recently been used at stud, and he referred me to the owner of the bitch. This is how I obtained Bullrush Burnt Melba Toast, known to her family and friends as simply Melba. I will be forever indebted to John Wild and Dennise Monaghan for giving me my start in Staffords.

    Since my start in 1997 I have been immersed in learning and researching everything that I could get my hands on pertaining to the Staffordshire breed. This includes countless books, videos, pictures, contacts, and even several trips to England, explicitly to look at Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I consider myself a student of the breed and continue to learn something new every year of my involvement.

    Dogs that I have bred have had some success in the show ring, and I’m proud of the families that have provided loving permanent homes to the puppies that I have produced. My goal in making this website is to insure that every single stafford that I breed goes to a loving home. Any awards, or accolades that they achieve is simply icing on the cake.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and view my first attempt at a website. Hopefully this will be much easier than e-mailing pictures from my yahoo account!

    Due to my work schedule and ever-growing family, I attend only a select few dog shows each year. I try to attend my local shows and our National Specialty, where I enjoy the camaraderie of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The wins I’m most proud of are those that have occurred under breeder judges. Most of these wins have been with dogs that I co-owned, often shown by the co-owners. In fact, in the 2008-2009 specialties I wasn’t even there. Thanks to Michelle Bryant and Sandy Carter for doing such a great job with your dogs, without you gals it would’ve never happened. Thanks also to Luke Smith for bringing Mariposa in good condition, and doing a great job handling her.

    Some of the wins include:

  • Best in Sweepstakes 2003 National Specialty; judge Lynne Heinbuch, Ch. Enchantrix Cracklin’ Rosie
  • Winners Dog 2003 Natinal Specialty Weekend; judge David Lowe, Thrashers Red Diesel
  • Best of Opposite Sex Potomac Cluster 2005; judge Dave lee, Ch. Thrasher Shovel Head Meg
  • Best of Oppsoite Sex potomac Cluster 2006; judge Bill Blacker, Ch. Thrashers Rear Naked Choke
  • Best of Breed National Specialty 2008; judge Alan Mitchell, Ch. Thrashers Reba Realdamcute
  • Best Puppy Natinal Specialty Weekend 2008; Jaci Mclaughin, Ch. Thrashers the Hardcore Mia
  • Award of Merit National Specialty Weekend 2009; judge David Lowe, Ch. Thrashers Elliot Eversohandsome
  • Award of Merit National Specialty Weekend 2009; judge Chris Jacksic, Ch. Thrashers Realdamcute
  • Best of breed National Specialty 2010; judge Mary Coble, Ch. Thrashers Eversohandsome
  • Winners Bitch: Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex National Specialty 2010; judge Mary Coble, Thrashers Mariposa of Luryn
  • Reserve Winners Dog National Specialty 2010; judge Mary Coble, Thrashers Skully Hayes
  • Best of Opposite Sex National Specialty Weekend 2010; judge Chris Jacksic, Ch. Thrashers Reba Realdamcute
  • Reserve Winners Bitch National Specialty Weekend 2010; judge Chris Jacksic, Thrashers Shy Anne Bridges
  • Best of Breed 2010 Northeast Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Specialty Ch. Thrashers Elliot Eversohandsome judge Steve Dickenson UK
  • Best of Opposite Sex 2010 NESTBC Specialty Thrashers Vivacios Vixen Judge Steve Dickenson UK
  • 2011 Eukanuba National Championships Best of Opposite Sex : Gr. Ch. Shorty Rocks Captain Etienne Navarre bred by Michelle Brayant, Sandy Carter and Dale Porcher DVM out of Gr. Ch. Thrashers Elliot Eversohandsome and Ch. Thrashers Reba Realdamcute